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Ryan Edberg, the lead singer of the Christian rock band Silverline, has always and will always have a heart for worship. After playing on stage with almost every major Christian band, touring the world and having four #1 singles, Ryan is excited to announce that he is working on his debut solo album.

Although this might not be the kind of album you are thinking of, he wanted to do something a bit …different than Silverline. He still sings and tours with Silverline but wanted to put out a CD for the people to just put in and worship with! Silverline’s lyrics have been known to be very strong and Ryan’s new CD will not be different in that aspect. This new project is meant to go a bit deeper and really encourage Christians around the world.

Ryan has been leading worship and preaching for over 10 years and this project has been on his heart for a long time. With a lot different sound than Silverline the message of hope and truth will be the same. It’s time for Christians to stand up for truth and be a light in a dark world. Not just to know that they will be in heaven one day, but live in the power that God has given them here on earth. Without Christ we are nothing but with Christ we can do all things!
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